Monday, February 23, 2009
:: a year and a day ::
It has been one year + one day since Mom got the cancer diagnosis. On Feb-22, 2008, Mom had a CT scan, a colonoscopy, a deadly diagnosis, and a life-saving colon surgery on the same day. 

Over the past year, Mom has fought hard, going through the most aggressive and advanced chemotherapy for 8 months, followed by about 2 months of rests and preparations for another surgery. On Jan-9, 09, Mom had a hepatomy (liver resection) by the most elite team in the country. 

Today, about 2 months after the latest surgery, Mom had her first follow-up MRI. It was done at Bamrungrat Hospital in Bangkok. She will know the results when she meets with her surgeon (Dr Boonchoo) at Bangpakok I Hospital on Mar-1, 09. Then, two days later (Mar-3), she will see her oncologist at Chula Hospital. 

My sister got a speeding ticket while driving Mom to the MRI today. It's interesting that the cops give tickets to cancer patients. Hmmm, rule of law is very strict in Thailand. I guess that's a good thing for the country. 

We pray for the best outcome from the MRI. Hopefully the cancer is completely gone and no follow-up procedures are neccessary. But we will do what we have to do. Mom has to be cured. We will fight to the end and the end will be a success. 

Thanks to all supporters and well-wishers: friends, family, relatives, teachers, doctors, internet strangers. I will keep you updated. 

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