Wednesday, October 01, 2008
:: FREE Mac Software WE ALL should have ::
These are the free software I think everybody should have. They are for Macs. But some of them run on Windows or Linux, too. 

- Magic Number Machine

= a calculator, taking parenthesized expressions

- iRed Lite

= Apple Remote's utility, powerful & customizable

- Smultron

= text editor for programmers or web developers

- Adium

= multi-protocol chat. works with google talk, msn

- Pastor

= password organizer, encrypted, fast & simple

- Alarm Clock (by Robbie Hanson)

= alarm clock. can wake your mac up from sleep. can use music. has "easy wake" feature. 

- Cyberduck

= FTP client

- Deep Sleep

= hibernating your mac

- Google Earth

= satellite images of the world

- Transmission

= BitTorrent client, fast, clean, and simple

- Chicken of the VNC

= remote desktop software. works with Windows.


= image editor

- OnyX

= access to mac's hidden features


= bootable linux CD, to help your PC friends recover data when their Windows can't boot. 

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