Saturday, June 21, 2008
:: one X, one vote ::
There are many kinds of democracy:
  1. one man, one vote
    this is the most basic form, as seen in an election. but things can get more complicated in an election which could turn it into #2
  2. one baht, one vote
    those who have more money have more votes. Alternatively, those who can let go of more of their money win. this can be seen in AF (Academy Fantasia, a Thai reality TV show where audiences vote for their favourite singers each week. They pay for each vote.)
  3. one tank, one vote
    those who have more tanks win, as in a military coup, which is quite infamous in Thailand.
  4. one decibel, one vote
    the winning party may not be the majority, but they are the loudest group of people. If one can organize the most gigantic mob on the streets, one wins. (PAD could be an example?)
  5. one bomb, one vote
    as seen in modern warfare. The USA is always the winner since they have more atomic bombs than all other countries' combined.
  6. one publication, one vote
    in academia, each paper brings fame and recognition to the authors. One who has more papers published is more respected in the field.

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