Saturday, May 26, 2007
:: Things I do (and don't do) for the environment ::
Things I do to save the environment:
- I recycle all cans and bottles at the recycling center.
- I choose Honda Civic which is great on fuel economy. (32-35 mpg on highways)
- I obey the speed limit (kind of).
- I separate papers from other trash.
- When at home, I drink home's filtered water instead of bottled water.
- I reduce the frequency of taking a bubble bath, although I like it.
- I reuse grocery bags. I refuse to take a bag if I don't really need it.
- I get rid of all tungsten light bulbs, whether they are mine or not. I replace them with energy saving bulbs which I keep in my trunk. (I've got them for $0.25+tax each!)
- I turn things off when I don't use them. (kind of)
- I worked at Google. (erm.. is this related?)
- What else should I do?

Things I won't do for the environment:
- I won't go paperless on bank and credit card statements. I still want my paper records.
- I still drive to LA and Berkeley for good Thai food. (& etc)
- I still keep lots of bottled water in my trunk. This is for safety and convenience.
- I still take 2 showers a day.
- I leave my wireless router on 24/7.

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