Thursday, March 22, 2007
:: mocbook ::
My computers and their names:

  1. a 80486, 100 MHz?, no brand (Pantip built)
    bought in Bangkok
    no name
    condition: deceased
  2. a Pentium II, 400 MHz?, no brand (Pantip built)
    bought in Bangkok
    no name
    condition: ill but alive
  3. a Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz, a Dell
    bought in Pittsburgh
    name: MockBlackBox
    condition: in a dumpster
  4. a Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, a Dell
    bought in Mountain View
    name: MocktainView
    condition: working but being abused by Vista

  1. an IBM ThinkPad, Pentium III ?,
    got it for free (as a reward) from IBM in Bangkok (Thank them!)
    name: MockPad
    condition: seriously ill and handicapped
  2. a Sony Vaio, Pentium III, 800 MHz
    bought in Pittsburgh
    name: MockSo(ti)nyBook
    condition: heavily scratched but still strong, I love Sony.
  3. an Apple MacBook, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz
    bought in Santa Barbara
    name: mocbook
    condition: white and shiny, cute, fast, fun, "it just works!" Apple is my new love. (Sorry, Sony, I still love you, too.)

(PC users can skip this section)
At the beginning, I didn't care about giving a name because I just thought "well, it's a computer. It needs no name, and I have only one computer (at a time) anyway." Later on, I found it useful to give names because, well, we need it for the network anyway. So I began giving names in a Java-class-name's style: MockPad, MockBlackBox, MockSoTinyBook (the full name has some parentheses inside, which is illegal in some cases), and MocktainView. All of them have "Mock" in the names.

But now, as you know, mocbook breaks that pattern somewhat, although not completely. It seems like all-lower-caps naming convention is the way to go nowadays. It's like a fashion. Also, not putting all the letters in the word can make a good name. And most important of all, mocbook sounds (and looks) like macbook, doesn't it?

And it's ok if it doesn't look like the other names; because mocbook is a Mac, and it's a real computer :P ... unlike the others anyway. Hehehe.


Now i'm sure that most of my friends "converge almost surely" to mac. :D

AimIsMad, not AimIsMac :P
555 ok krab aimismac ... oops aimismad
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