Thursday, February 16, 2006
:: 50000 names against Thaksin, interested? ::
นั่นคือ subject line ของอีเมลล์ที่ผมส่้งไปหาเพื่อนๆ พี่ๆ น้องๆ ชาว Carnegie Mellon เมื่อสักครู่ เนื้อหาของอีเมลล์มีดังนี้...

Dear SIAM,

First of all, sorry for sending out a mass email, and my apology if this message does not interest you. Some of you may also find the content of this email offensive; I apologize in advance.

The political situation in Thailand is now hotter than ever. As a citizen of Thailand, I am writing to urge you all to consider the issues carefully, and also consider the steps that you can take to protect our country from harms and violence.

In Thailand, there are people who still want to keep the current prime minister, and there are people who want to drive him out of the office. I am one of the latter.

If you love PM Thaksin, or, for any reason, still want him to stay in the office. I respect your opinion. Please ignore this email. It does not apply to you.

But if you think he is no longer qualified for the job, let us take some actions. Under the constitution , we have the right to voice our opinion, and to petition the Senate to consider removing Mr Prime Minister from his office. This is a peaceful step that I have decided to take.

Thammasart University Students Organization is trying to collect 50,000 signatures for that purpose. If you would like to join, here is how:

We can just download a simple form, sign, and then send it, along with a photocopy of our photo ID, to Thammasart University. Since we are in the USA, it will be a good idea to mail them out together. I am more than willing to collect your documents and mail them out in a big batch -- this will save the cost of stamps, and will allow us to afford express delivery. Plus, you don't have to waste time finding and addressing the envelopes. :D

Please take a look at my special blog:
where I summarize this simple process (along with its rationale)

Please join me if you can. Feel free to contact me by email (iammock[AT] or cellphone 412-225-2824, or google talk: panuakdet[AT], or msn: mocksk[AT], at any time.

Finally, let me note that I am doing this on my own -- not on behalf of SIAM (the Thai Students Association at Carnegie Mellon) or any organization. I understand that it is my right as a citizen of Thailand, and I will be solely responsible for my actions.

Thank you very much for your time,
- mock

unfortunately, i cannot do that (yet) since I didn't vote at the last general election... maybe i'll cast my vote this april for the senate election and regain my right...

I can't do that either. I didn't vote. -_-"

I admire your initiation to use the right to protect our beloved country na. Wish you the best luck.
Thank Noi & Kwang for your support. Different people have different ways to "protect [their] beloved country". This is the way I choose to go, and I believe it is peaceful, yet reasonably powerful.

For those who lost your right because u missed the previous election, I urge you to register early for an absentee ballot (เลือกตั้งนอกราชอาณาจักร). Please read more info at [click at ประกาศสถานเอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงวอชิงตัน เรื่องการจัดการเลือกตั้งสมาชิกวุฒิสภานอกราชอาณาจักร]

After your participation in the upcoming Senate election, you will gain back your rights -- and hopefully your country as well :)
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